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Our Practice Areas

Family, Matrimonial and Ancillary Matters 

We provide services in the following areas:

  1. Divorces [Filing, Answering or Defending the interest of a party in Divorce proceedings]
  2.  Divorce Settlement Agreements 
  3. Property division § Division of Assets
  4.  Distribution of Debts and Liabilities
  5. Paternity - unmarried parents
  6. Guardianship application
  7. Mediation and Social Services referrals
  8.  Child Custody, Parental Timesharing, Access arrangements [including but not limited to vacation schedules and staying access]
  9. Decision making process for major decisions concerning children
  10. Child support/maintenance
  11. Relocation of a Parent to another locale.
  12. Use and Possession of marital home § Spousal support
  13. Variations of prior Judgments or Orders
  14.  Separation Agreements

Company Searches and Apostilling

We can also assist with the following:

  1.  Name Search [for businesses and companies, sole traders]: We can assist you in confirming whether the proposed Business or Company name is available for use in Trinidad and Tobago.
  2.  Name Reservation: We can assist in reserving the name, subject to its availability, on your behalf. [We would require the applicant’s name, a contact number, a valid email address, business type and the applicant’s full address.
  3.  Business Registration: We can assist with the registration of the Business from application to registration, to approval and collection of your Registration Certificate.
  4.  Notarising and Certifying Documents: Notarising and certifying documents as copies of an original.
  5.  Apostilling of Documents: For use in foreign countries [whether through the Registrar General Department [such documents as Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates] or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs [such documents as Diplomas, Degrees, Utility Bills].


We assist clients in the following areas:

  1. Medical negligence
  2.  Personal injury claims from motor vehicular and other matters
  3. Birth Injuries
  4. Registration of births and deaths
  5.  Insurable interests and claims against insurers

ADR Arbitration and Litigation

We have and continue to represent a multitude of clients in litigation before the Magistrates’ and High Court of both Trinidad and Tobago. We recognize, however, that there are several alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation and offer to our clients cutting-edge alternative dispute resolution (ADR) strategies, including but not limited to negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and others. After an assessment of the most sutiable method for resolving your matter, we are well equipped to assist you in providing representing in Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings, Arbitration, or Litigation [both as Instructing Counsel and as an Advocate].

Real Estate & Conveyancing

We assist clients in respect of:

  1.  Due Diligence checks: Title searches, Title reports and Due Diligence checks to inform purchases. This includes independent reports in court matters, in respect of the nature and extent of properties owned by a party to proceedings.
  2.  Property Settlement matters: Retaining the services of a licensed land surveyor, property valuer or certified land appraiser to value a property and quantifying the value of the entirety or an interest in the property.
  3.  Drafting and preparation of Purchase and Sales Agreements: We have assisted numerous clients [both as Vendors or Purchasers] in successfully selling or purchasing real estate in Trinidad and Tobago. Our services include but is not limited to: drafting and preparing the purchase and sale agreements, negotiating the Sale Price or the Purchase Price, conducting a title search, providing a search report, undertaking due diligence, contacting the bank to schedule assistance with financing.
  4. Drafting of Instruments: Mortgages, Bills of Sale, Loan Agreements and instruments to facilitate the transfer of an interest by way of a gift.
  5. Private client services: Assisting Foreign Investors in land acquisition. Assisting clients with Property Tax registration and payments.
  6. Closing of Real Estate transactions: Overseeing the closing of the real estate transaction including drafting and preparation of Agreements for Sale.
  7. Landlord and Tenant matters: Drafting and preparation of leases, overseeing the execution of Leases.
  8. Land Use and Development: We work with our clients to structure, negotiate and successfully complete real estate development projects for commercial, and residential developments. This includes helping developers securing permission and permits, to undertake the proposed development. This also extends to regularizing your status as an occupier of land, adverse possession matters, RPO applications, rights of squatters.
  9. Financing and Investors: Assist potential new clients in accessing funds, through connections with lenders and financial institutions.

Estate Planning & Probate

We assist clients with the following services:

  1. Comprehensive estate planning. We appreciate that a number of our clients have assets in multiple jurisdictions and would wish to ensure that any plan includes and safeguards these multijurisdictional assets;
  2. Drafting and preparation of Power of Attorney;
  3. Mental Health Applications;
  4. Drafting and preparation of a Last Will and Testament;
  5. Lodging of searches with the Probate Registry;
  6. Filing a caveat or a warning in respect of an estate,
  7. Filing a bond;
  8. Drafting, preparation and filing of Letters of Administration applications;
  9. Drafting, preparation and filing of Probate applications;
  10. Drafting, preparation and filing of Resealing applications; and
  11. Providing competent representation in Estate litigation and/or disputes between parties.

Labour, Employment & Industriial Relations Matters 

We assist clients:

  1.  Work Permit applications and other requirements for entry into and facilitating working in Trinidad and Tobago;
  2. Drafting and preparation of employment contracts;
  3. Vetting employment contracts;
  4. Reviewing workplace policies and practices;
  5.  In providing competent representation in matters before the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago;
  6. Termination and redundancy matters;
  7. Dispute Resolution involving existing and/or former employees on such matters as workers’ compensation, workers’ rights, workplace safety; and
  8. International clients in setting up offices in Trinidad and Tobago [through assistance with the recruitment exercise, hiring staff, drafting and providing them with employment contracts and all activities in respect of ensuring the proper functioning of a local branch of franchises or international brands (taxes, National Insurance, Health Surcharge].


We assist clients with the following matters:

  1. Work Permits applications
  2. Residency applications
  3. Immigration
  4. Naturalization
  5. Citizenship
  6. Deportation
  7. Family based immigration, Employment based immigration or business immigration - Visas [including Employment Visas]
  8. Diplomatic Immunity

Intellectual Property

We can assist you with the following:

  1.  Trademarks
  2. Patents
  3. Copyright
  4. Intellectual Property Litigation.
Trademarks: We assist our clients in protecting and distinguishing their marks [products and services from regional, national, and global competition]. In particular, our services extend to filing a trade mark application, obtaining and monitoring trademarks and service marks, false advertising claims, licensing and registration inquiries and investigations and service marks registration.

Patents: We recognize that our clients need to protect their valuable investments in product development, invention or process. We therefore offer services in and assist our clients with patent protection, filing a patent application, analysis of any patent infringement, inquiries and investigations into patentability, litigation in relation to patent protection.
Copyright Law: Our IP team helps clients register and protect copyrights across all types of work including, books, computer programs, plays, paintings, photographs, motion pictures, and sound recordings. Our services therefore range from copyright registration, investigations into ownership, searches and investigations into registration statuses and overall copyright protection.
Litigation: When necessary, our litigation team litigates intellectual property disputes before domestic courts [courts in Trinidad and Tobago]. This includes and is not limited to analyzing and assessing the enforceability of non-compete and non-solicitation agreements and/or any such activities to assist in the protection of their valuable assets.

Banking & Finance Matters

We provide services in the following areas:

  1. Credit restoration
  2. Bankruptcy applications
  3. Applications for Debt Relief
  4. Debtor and Creditor matters [Judgements]
  5. Foreclosure;
  6. Business Law
  7. Applications for Board of Inland Revenue  numbers (both companies and individuals)
  8. Applications for National Insurance Numbers (both companies and individuals)
  9. Commercial Law
  10. Consumer Law
  11. Corporate Law
  12. Mergers and Acquisition
  13. Share acquisition.